Mizuki fullbody
Japanese Name みずき
Romanized Name Mizuki
English Name Mizuki
Gender Female
Partner Garnet
Occupation Ladyjewel Candidate
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
First Appearance
Debut A Lady's Etiquette, Ready Go !
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Eri Sendai


Mizuki is a tomboy. Though she is training to be a lady, Mizuki dislikes be a "cute girl" and usually ends up failing her tasks. She has a strong personality.


Mizuki has short, tousled blond hair clipped back with an aqua hairclip and beautiful aqua eyes. Casually, she is seen wearing a loosely buttoned white dress shirt with a design of a blue vine/plant on it, with also blue pants, and blue sandals with daisies on the sides. She also has a matching bracelet that has a blue band and a white daisy that is worn on her left arm. When in her Lady Form, she keeps her same hairstyle and wears a formal blue dress.




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